#6 – Write a Blog, #74 – Plank For One Minute

When I was young, I enjoyed being alone.  I wandered around my backyard creating little stories of adventure.  But I wasn’t really alone.  I had a lovely imaginary friend (wait for it) – Laura Ingalls Wilder.  Oh yes, that one.  

She was constantly in awe of our modern world: motorized buggies, zippers, neon scrunchies.  She was especially floored by inflation. 

 How could a piece of candy cost more than a penny?!  This Fun Dip is $0.50!  Also, what’s a Fun Dip?

Boy, she had a lot to learn.

Whenever Laura returned home to do chores or other such 19th century things, I found myself wondering what to do with all this time saved from not having to collect water at the creek or do sums on a torturously small chalkboard.

So, I began creating lists of tasks.  Just stuff to do.  Simple things like make bed or do 50 jumping jacks.  It probably took more time creating the list than completing it.

But, the first item of every list was the same:  

1.  Write a list.

Please say someone else does this. It’s a thing, right?  Something immediately completed.  Something to get off the blocks and running in the productivity race.  If I’ve finished one task, I can do ANYTHING!  

Cross it off.  Pat self on the back.  Keep plugging away.

Such is the case with #6 – Write a blog.

In fact, I’m patting myself on the back again for attempting a SECOND post.  It’s possible to start something and keep at it!  Laura would be proud.

The other important thing to put on a list is something you’re absolutely positive you can complete.  #74 – Planking for one minute is one of those things.  Although not as fit as I’d like to be, my abs will reluctantly survive one minute in the plank position.  

My family enjoyed participating in this little task. 

Time keeper.  Co-participant.  Runner-around-and-dive-bomb-on-said-participant.

So, two easy items crossed off the list.  It feels good.  But this is where the rubber meets the road.  Gotta press on.  I may need support to keep going.  



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