imageI’m back.

*cracks knuckles and shakes out fingers*

And ready to write…er, kind of.

Status Update
My brain is currently cluttered with bits of nothingness. Fragments of frivolity. Benign bits of babble and blunder.

Why the mess? I will give you two reasons.

Firstly, and I’m fairly certain this is scientifically proven, carrying and delivering a human being eliminates brain cells. Or at least limits coherent thoughts to these two options: Aw geez, that’s a tiny lego in her mouth, and Is it naptime yet?

Second sign of slush, two words: Net. Flix.

This digital devil is gloriously intoxicating. Hundreds of movies and endless episodes of shows at my fingertips, many of which I’ve already seen.

Side note and life lesson: If you spend a large amount of time watching TV, its difficult to have an original thought. Part of your brain goes to sleep. When it comes time to activate those synapses, there’s a delay. (It’s really bad when your thoughts can best be expressed through a catch phrase from favorite movies.)

Right now, my grey matter would rather settle in for a long winter’s nap rather than seek out new life and new civilizations.

But I will resist! It’s time for a jolt. Paddles out. Voltage at high. CLEAR!

image*dust settles*

What’s left? *looks around, as if Bilbo seeking the Arkenstone*

Ah! A potentially coherent personal observation leading hopefully to a challenge for further reflection.

Proclivity to Negativity
Confession, I see the bummer in most situations.

It’s raining – Can’t got out.
It’s sunny – Skin cancer.
It’s 60 degrees, partly cloudy, and no wind – Le sigh, is it Christmas yet?

Some say I have high expectations for myself and project those expectations on others. You know who those people are? Optimists.

Using Instagram filters, I would say that I initially perceive any situation as Inkwell, shades of blue and grey. With time, it may warm into Hudson but not necessarily. So I’m left with this question, Do I HAVE to live this way? Is it possible for a naturally negative person to live an honestly joyous life?

Which leads me to number 2.

*juvenile giggle*

Pursuit of Pleasure
What’s with all this emphasis on being happy? I mean don’t get me wrong, I love the song. I’ve clapped along to Steve Carell on the school bus with the dancing youths. But I react against the pursuit of happiness.

Just do what makes you happy. Find a job that will make you happy. Buy this item. Go to a resort. Get a facial. Whatever it takes to make YOU happy. Perhaps the word pleasure would be more accurate in these circumstances. Immediate personal gratification.

And our children. Create an atmosphere of ease. Whenever they encounter a challenge or roadblock, remove it. If they are frustrated or upset, it’s your job to fix it. Whatever it takes to make sure they are happy in the moment.

I’m not lobbying against smiles and laughter. Even my Scrooge-ish-Grinch-like-Eeyore demeanor craves happiness.

But, isn’t happiness the result of something else? I eat chocolate, therefore I am momentarily happy. I watch Three Amigos, I laugh, I am happy.

So to pursue happiness or pleasure alone is fruitless. It leads nowhere. It ends in a flash. It isn’t fulfilling.

IF this is true, what then does one pursue? How do we make decisions, if not based on what makes US happy?

jandcGood and Right

Is there a difference in doing something that makes you happy compared with something that is good or right?  (Definition: Good – not just better than ok. Good as the opposite of evil.)

Things that bring fulfillment. Not just a smile on my face. Not just a good laugh. Deep, rich fulfillment.

Like a main course, not just dessert.

So here is the challenge: Look. Observe. Seek goodness and “right”ness. Where the broken is being made right. Understanding, of course, that my natural inclination will be to see the negative clouding the surface. But what lies just beneath? What is seated right nearby?

Are we a hedonistic, self-centered, isolated world on a fast track to destruction? Or, just maybe, are there springs of hope, pinpricks of light, places and times and people where things are being made right.

And what would happen if those ideas and moments are brought to the forefront? Let’s find out.


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