Have you ever pulled a weed out all the way to its roots?  I mean no snaps, multiple roots sliding their way out of the ground with some hesitation, but complete submission.

Best. gardening. feeling. ever.

So, today I didn’t go to a worship service in the traditional sense. Eden Community experienced the worship of God through service.

Two teams took on the challenge of serving the city in tangible ways.  One team was sent to a woman’s house in the church neighborhood that had yard damage from high winds.  This team had the simple (ha) task of cutting and removing trees in her steeply inclined backyard.  Three cheers to these men and women who will wake up tomorrow with aching muscles they didn’t know they had.

The other team went to the east side of town to clean and paint a building being used by Adorned in Grace.  Their purpose is to prevent and provide awareness for sex trafficking.  This is a big, rather historic problem in Portland.  They also provide a safe shelter for rescued teenage girls and teach them the skill of design and sewing.  They take gently used formal wear and accessories and re-purpose the material for new designs.

The task of those connected with Adorned in Grace is mammoth.  Prevent, prepare, protect.  We were lucky enough to partner with them for a few hours with a coat of paint in a few rooms and some basic cleaning and yard work.

Worship of God looked like Windex bottles, paint rollers, chainsaws, and weed eaters.  It looked like kids writing cards to the girls at Adorned in Grace.

For me, God revealed himself in the simple, satisfying act of pulling weeds from the ground.  My effort at eradicating the literal weeds supported the efforts of those attempting to eradicate those affected by this horrific crime.

By participating in this project, I have a personal connection with this group.  I know names and can see faces of leaders.  I have something for which to pray!

Did I miss the regular worship time?  Yes.  But being a Christian doesn’t just mean I go to church.  He’s called us to take part in restoring his creation and by doing so, we worship Him.  Thus, mission and service became our act of worship.


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